"Truth and Satisfaction"

The philosophy of GBS Group is Truth and Satisfaction, which is fitting as these words also happen to be the meanings of the names of our honorable founder and his wife (Mr. Satyanarayan and Mrs. Santosh Goyal).


The Meaning Behind Our Logo

The five fundamental elements (Panchtatva) in Hindu mythology are Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), and Sky (Aakash). These five constituents make up the cosmos. The colours used to create the logo each stand for one of the elements: the basic yellow line stands for earth (Prithvi), the white line for water (Jal), the green arrow for air (Vayu), the red sun for fire (Agni), and the blue colour of the letters "GBS" for the sky (Akash).

Primary Activities


The core supply sector is PVC processing industries. We are representing the following companies:

  • Finolex Industries Limited, Pune (PVC Resin)
  • Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.
  • KLJ Group of Companies, New Delhi (Plasticizers)
  • RBS Poly Additives & Stabilizers Pvt Ltd

In addition to the above, we are involved in bulk imports of Poly-ethylene (HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE), Lubricants, Liquid Stabilizers, P E Wax, Epoxy Plasticizer, and Stearic Acid Titanium dioxide. We are proud to say that no other polymer distributor of any manufacturer is marketing chemicals and additives along with polymers. It gives us an edge while marketing both, polymers as well as chemicals and additives.

Information Technology

Founded in 2009, Alpha Infolab is a multinational information technology company that offers IPv4 transfer and leasing, server hosting and digital marketing services.